Rental management in Antibes and surrounding

NC Immobilier assures you the complete management of your property, with the establishment of an insurance guaranteeing you the rents by contract (details of the conditions available in agency).

Our management mission is conducted in perfect consultation with the landlord, and includes:

Administrative management with the renewal of leases, the indexation of rents, the regularization of charges, the issue or receipt of advices, the drafting of acts, the establishment of all statements of conditions, the signature or termination of all leases or agreements.

Technical management with the identification of responsibilities, the proposal of adapted quotes, the follow-up of the repair work and the replacement of small equipment, the declaration of claims to the insurance companies, the follow-up and the representation during the possible recourse.

The accounting management so as to know at any time the situation of the tenant, the monthly or quarterly calls for rents, charges, taxes, and any sums that would be due, at the collection of all receipted sums, at the closing of the annual accounts expenses, the monthly payment of rent to the lessor at the same time as the sending of statements of account.

Representing a landlord requires a good grasp of the legislative and regulatory real estate law, while associating a real sense of service and contact for our landlords and tenants